Thinking of Upgrading to El Crapitan? Just Don’t Do It!


OSX El Capitan is a disgrace. Seems Apple has some core issues (sorry).

I’ve been working on Macs almost every day since the early 90s and I am appalled at how bad Apple software has become in such a short period of time. Under Tim Cook’s watch Apple has become downright ‘Microsoft-like’ in it’s cavalier approach to software QA. I used to say that ‘Apple software is productive where Microsoft software is obstructive. Not any more. Given the unmitigated disaster that is El Crapitan, along with the preceding litany of unstable iOS and OSX releases, I must now admit to losing any remaining faith I had in Apple’s software.

Ah, but you won’t hear a peep out of Apple admitting to a mistake for they are, after all, the infallible, divine bringers of light and shiny tech bling to the Western World and beyond. It’s like getting The Fonz to say he was wrong. Such a sacred institution cannot possibly publicly acknowledge such mediocrity. I mean, it’s not like they’re just another corporation selling a product in order to make (HUGE) profits, is it!? For verily we hath beheld the rapturous, adoring congregations high-fiving their way across the thresholds of a hundred Apple churches…er…stores that they may prostrate themselves before the altar of the latest iBling.

Even such an inexcusable bug as the ever-growing save sheet that users the world over have complained about since the launch of Yosemite is STILL THERE in El Crapitan. UNbelievable!!! UNacceptable!!! Steve Jobs has DEFinitely left the building.

I make my living on a Mac and I simply can’t afford the downtime that now seems to come with each incompetent, untested, unstable software update from Apple so I’ll delay upgrading until the tears of the trusting early-adopters have dried and version 10.11.108 is released. Hopefully by then it will be stable enough to get a day’s work done. Oh, and there ARE tears – check out these enlightening search results:

And I’m not alone it seems:

I’m guessing it’s not the poor ol’ developers in the trenches at Apple who are to blame but rather it’s the ridiculous demands of management who are, no doubt, screaming ‘RELEASE!  RELEASE! RELEASE! READY OR NOT’. For a company with the resources Apple has at its disposal there is absolutely no excuse for this nose dive into very-soft…ware.

It’s not like Apple stuff is cheap, either. We pay top dollar for iStuff. Without reliable software they’re just VERY expensive paper weights.


Not good enough, Tim! Wake up and smell the Napalm! We’d rather have our updates right than regular.

You’ve done so much great stuff – don’t let it all go to CRApple. Make us believe again…pleeease! And BTW – this whole ‘Apple has no comment’ thing is getting REALLY old!

Ah…and to think I was once an Apple fanboy (sigh). In the words of the late, great George Harrison, “All Things Must Pass”. Lemon, anyone?


[Update: May 2016 – Another disastrous El Capitan bug for Mac usersUSB hubs are broken under El Crapitan for thousands of users (all versions up to and including 10.11.5, so far). I lost data on 3 hard drives because of this issue. Luckily I had backups. I bought a new hub thinking it may be a problem with the hub itself. Nup – it was CRApple’s dodgy El Capitan software that broke my USB. I had to ditch any USB hubs I was using (USB 2.0 and 3.0 hubs both broken) and plug removable drives directly into Macbook Pro USB ports. Of course there’s only 2 USB ports on my Mac so it means constantly swapping drives. WHAT A DEBACLE!

I should have waited for version 10.11.108, after all.]

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