Glen Purkiss's Passtore

Get My Free Password Storage App for Mac & PC

Managing all of your passwords these days is no easy task. Especially if you do a lot of web development etc for clients – you’ll often need to store all your clients’ login info too.

If I had a dollar for everyone who said to me ‘…but I don’t remember my login…‘, I’d be livin’ the high life.

This is why several years ago I built a free little AIR application, Glen Purkiss’s Passtore (title – an inside joke at my old company, Generator), for storing all your login details. It uses 128 bit encryption so it’s secure. You just need to set one ‘master login’ for the Passtore app and then you’ll never need to remember any of those other logins again. It’ll all be safely stored in Passtore. I’ve used it for 10 years+ and it’s never failed me and I use it every day.

Note: Your master login for Passtore is the only login details you’ll have to remember but be aware that if you ever forget your one master login then you won’t be able to retrieve the data you’ve stored in Passtore. This is for obvious security reasons.

It works on both Mac and PC. Go here and run the installer: