How to upgrade Joyetech eGrip II Firmware on Mac

Greetings and salutations, fellow vapers.

Mac users trying to upgrade the firmware on their Joyetech eGrip II may have noticed that there is no info online on how to do this and the Joyetech website is completely unhelpful. After some experimentation I figured out how to do it:

  1. Go to and download latest Mac AND WIN versions of firmware to your Desktop
  2. Unzip both. You’ll then have an UpdateFirmware.pkg file and an UpdateFirmware folder on your Desktop
  3. Run the Mac installer (UpdateFirmware.pkg). This will install UpdateFirmware application in your Applications folder
  4. Open the UpdateFirmware application
  5. Plug in your eGrip via USB cable to your Mac
  6. Click UPDATE and when prompted, select eGripII_V4.03.bin file (version may vary) from the UpdateFirmware folder on your Desktop
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