Croptima Inplate: Install it for InDesign CC 2017

You’re probably reading this because sadly, Croptima InPlate is no more, and you’re looking for a way to get it working with InDesign CC 2017. Good news – you’ve come to the right place. I tweaked the InPlate code and got it working in InDesign CC 2017.


  1. Download & unzip the file
  2. drop InPlate folder in: Adobe InDesign CC 2017 > Scripts
  3. Restart InDesign. Voilà. You should be rockin’.


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  1. pixelboy
    pixelboy says:

    Hi Frantisek,

    I’m not sure how similar the Windows version is to the Mac version but you could try the following:


    1. Go to Adobe InDesign CC 2017 > Scripts > InPlate > Startup Scripts > inplate_loader.jsx
    2. Add the following line after all the ‘if (app.version…’ lines:

    if (app.version.substr(0, 2) == “12”) iDVersion = “cc”;


    So, final complete script should look something like the following:

    #targetengine “session”;

    const hostOS = $.os.substr(0, 3).toLowerCase();
    var iDVersion = String();
    var scriptPath = String();
    var script = undefined;

    if (app.version.substr(0, 1) == “4”) iDVersion = “cs2”;
    if (app.version.substr(0, 1) == “5”) iDVersion = “cs3”;
    if (app.version.substr(0, 1) == “6”) iDVersion = “cs4”;
    if (app.version.substr(0, 1) == “7”) iDVersion = “cs5”;
    if (app.version.substr(0, 1) == “8”) iDVersion = “cs6”;
    if (app.version.substr(0, 1) == “9”) iDVersion = “cc”;
    if (app.version.substr(0, 2) == “10”) iDVersion = “cc”;
    if (app.version.substr(0, 2) == “11”) iDVersion = “cc”;
    if (app.version.substr(0, 2) == “12”) iDVersion = “cc”;

    scriptPath = String( app.activeScript.path );
    scriptPath += “/../” + “inplate_” + iDVersion + “_” + hostOS + “.jsxbin”;

    var script2Load = File(scriptPath);
    if (script2Load.exists)
    script =;


  2. Faravid
    Faravid says:

    Thank you for your trouble! Amazing work.

    Any chance you could help me a bit with setting up the script for Windows Indesign CC?

    If I drop it to “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC 2017\Scripts” nothing happens.

    If I try to drop it to users folder “C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\Version 12.0\fi_FI\Scripts” I get an error:

    Javascript error
    Error number: 40
    Error line: hostOS redeclared

    Engine: session
    File: (path to file)\inplate_loader.jsx
    Line: 3
    Source: const hostOS = $.os.substr(0, 3).toLowerCase();

    • pixelboy
      pixelboy says:

      Hi Faravid,

      Unfortunately, as I’m on a Mac, I am unable to test a fix for the Windows version. You could try the following but please be aware that I’m really guessing here –

      Try the following with your ORIGINAL inplate_loader.jsx script (i.e. not my Mac version of the script above):

      1. Quit InDesign if it’s running

      2. Go to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\Version 12.0\fi_FI\Scripts\inplate_loader.jsx

      3. After the line that says ‘if (app.version.substr(0, 2) == “11”) iDVersion = “cc”;’

      add the following line and save your change

      if (app.version.substr(0, 2) == “12”) iDVersion = “cc”;

      Good luck.

      • Faravid
        Faravid says:


        I didn’t realize first that I need a existing installation of Inplate to get this work.

        I recently installed a new computer and lost the installation of Inplate and now that Croptima website is down I can’t activate it.

        Also I don’t have that free version installer that was up at Croptima’s site before it went down.

        I tried copying the installation from old computer’s HDD (All the files, from users folder and program files). I got it running, but gives a Adobe AIR error: “Initial content could not be found for this application”.

        • Faravid
          Faravid says:

          I did get it working on two other computers that had the plugin already installed.

          I just copied the InPlate folder from CC 2015 scripts folder to CC 2017 scripts folder, added the line you mentioned and got it working!

          Now to somehow install it to my work computer…

  3. Joselyn
    Joselyn says:

    Hi, I’m so glad I found your post. I’m running into the same problem Faravid had where I bought a nee computer and need to install croptima but I don’t have the free download. Every time I try to install is asking for activation but the croptima site is no longer up to activate. Is there any way around this?

    • pixelboy
      pixelboy says:

      Hi Joselyn,

      Not that I’m aware of, unfortunately. However you could try the following –

      If you had InPlate installed on your old computer then you could try copying all the relevant files across to your new one. The following only applies to Mac:

      1. Applications/Croptima InPlate CC
      2. ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS/Croptima-InPlate-CC.[some-really-long-number]
      3. ~/Library/Preferences/Croptima-InPlate-CC.[some-really-long-number]
      4. [your Adobe Indesign application folder]/Scripts/InPlate
      5. [home]/InPlate_cc

      That’s about all I can suggest. Good luck.

  4. Kirk
    Kirk says:

    Hello. I tried installing the 2017 version in my 2015 InDesign to find it didn’t work. Now, however, I can’t seem to get “CropTima Inplate” off of my top menu after removing the other files from Scripts. Any ideas? Thanks. Kirk

  5. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    Until last year, I had been using InPlate since 2007. I was devastated to see that he’d closed up shop.

    Every few months I Google Croptima to see if the programmer has resurfaced or if someone has picked up in his stead… and I’m SOOOo glad that you did. I’ve tried at least TEN different options from various imposition companies and haven’t found anything with as simple and easy an interface as InPlate. I’m beyond BLISSFUL to see it back. Bless you!

  6. Grimey
    Grimey says:

    Excellent work!
    Many thanks. I’d been sticking to CC2015 because of this.
    Any plans to maintain it over the following versions?


    • pixelboy
      pixelboy says:

      Hi Grimey,

      It totally depends on future versions of InDesign. I’m not re-writing the InPlate code per se, just tweaking the associated script to enable it to run on a specific version of InDesign. If InPlate base code becomes incompatible with a future version of InDesign then unfortunately, all bets are off.


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